WS goes OPC UA

The aim of the project "Preparation of an OPC UA Companion Specification for the Substituting Porting of the Weihenstephan Standards" is to offer an alternative to the already existing Weihenstephan protocol using OPC UA.

This communication interface is intended to enable machine builders to implement a uniform, cost-effective interface with a uniform information model according to the service- and object-oriented OPC UA standard. The information model should provide an expandable basis for future IoT-M2M (machine to machine communication) and cloud applications and already cover the following applications regarding the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) integration of food and packaging machines:

  • Machine identification with meaningful service and interface self-description
  • Production control (e.g. connection of reactive production detailed planning systems)
  • Tracking & tracing of batches, transport units and orders
  • Quality assurance
  • Efficiency analysis (e.g. OEE indicators, cost transparency)
  • Energy Management


The project is supported by the VDMA.


Christoph Nophut

Patrick Zimmermann

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